Federalism is the cornerstone of the Constitution and it cannot be allowed to be trampled upon in the name of fighting terrorism or insurgency (“Lost in politicking,” April 19). But, at the same time, the history of misuse of police powers by the States, both Congress and non-Congress led governments, for political and partisan ends does not lend credence to those who cry hoarse over the dilution of federal powers. The country has been a mute witness to the systematic and systemic politicisation of the police force.

Chandran Dharmalingam,

The Nilgiris

That the non-Congress Chief Ministers would raise the red flag against the Centre's proposal to set up the National Counter-Terrorism Centre at the meeting of Chief Ministers was a foregone conclusion. But the issue of fighting terror cannot be trifled with. The issue is so vital that no stone should be left unturned to put in place an effective mechanism in which both the Centre and the State governments participate actively.

M. Ramankutty,



Lost in politickingApril 19, 2012

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