It is true that the UPA government is in a bind over how to deal with the fallout of the former Army Chief General, V.K. Singh’s statement that military officers made illegal payments to politicians in Kashmir (Sept. 26). The General is in a commanding position now. More pressure on him may push him to spill out more details, detrimental to both national security and the politicians who allegedly received the payoffs.

Gen. Singh could not have diverted money to politicians unless directed by some top official or politician. One cannot question his integrity, knowing well that he thwarted attempts to bribe him while in office. If any action is contemplated now, it will be at the risk of rocking the delicate relationship among the defence forces, babus and politicians. Prudence requires that the episode be given a quiet burial.

Col. Ram Gulrajani (retd.),


I was shocked on hearing Gen. Singh’s claim that military officers made illegal payments to politicians during his tenure. He has drawn flak for telling the unpleasant “inside story.” I don’t care much about mud-slinging among politicians but the controversial statement made by Gen. Singh is serious cause for concern to the common man. The Army is one of the most reputed institutions and people respect it.

Gen. Singh loves to be in the news with his controversial statements which is just not good for the country. My suggestion to him is that he should stop making sensational statements. The government should set up a committee to inquire into the matter to stop any further damage to the Army’s image.

Mohd Mudassir Alam,


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