I was driven to nostalgic memories of my days of youth in the 1950s and 1960s in Chennai when music was at its best during the season. The writer, Mr. V. Kalidas (Open Page, Nov. 10) has brought out all the aspects other than music also in his excellent article.

Yet, I felt there was something missing in the article — that of affluent women from certain parts of the city making an exhibit of pure Conjeevaram saris, getting out of their luxury cars and slowly climbing the steps to occupy their special seats in the auditorium, with their diamond necklaces setting off their saris and then sitting in a way so that all their jewellery was visible to all. Whether they could distinguish “Abhogi” from “Sreeranjani” or “Pantuvarali” to “Poorvikalyani” was irrelevant. They were regulars in such seasons, making it all the more colourful.

Chirutapudi Subramaniam,


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