Kannada writer U.R. Ananthamurthy’s statement that he cannot think of living in a country led by Narendra Modi is similar to what Nobel laureate Amartya Sen said some time ago — that he would not want Mr. Modi to be the Prime Minister.

Both men are achievers in their chosen fields. But they seem to have forgotten that in a democracy, it is people’s will that prevails. The two of them can neither make someone Prime Minister by themselves, nor can they prevent anyone from becoming one. Mr. Ananthamurthy and people of his ilk deliberately gloss over the all-round development in Gujarat under Mr. Modi’s leadership.

K.V. Seetharamaiah,


I am an ardent admirer of Mr. Ananthamurthy who is a great writer, thinker and intellectual. But I am unable to share his views on Mr. Modi. The BJP leader does offer some hope in the dismal scenario we are in.

His credentials for leadership are there for all to see, from Gujarat’s development in the recent years. While there is no guarantee that our expectations from Mr. Modi will turn out to be true, is there any alternative suggesting itself?

D. Krishnan,


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