The Aam Aadmi Party is the only party so far that has not used religion, class or caste to gain support (“AAP throws its hat into the ring for Lok Sabha polls,” Jan. 5). Maybe that is another reason why it is touching a chord among many Indians. It has shown that politics need not be dirty but can be truly secular.

Vasuda Ravichandran,


While the media have glorified the AAP’s performance in Delhi, and large sections of them are calling it an alternative to the BJP and the Congress, one should not forget that it was the BJP that got the highest vote share and seats. How fair is it then to term it the AAP’s victory?

Kiran Wali,


The AAP has still a long way to go and strengthen its foundation first by ensuring clean governance in Delhi. Even strong regional parties that have been in existence for decades do not jump the gun. Going slow and steady is the key to winning the Indian political game.

E. Rajakumar Arulanandham,


It is heartening to see the entry of professionals in private employment giving up their lucrative jobs and enrolling with the AAP (Jan.5). One is reminded of the days of the freedom struggle, when the urge to serve the nation attracted professionals from all walks of life. It is the absence of such a core private-professional-technical team participation in the political system that is causing the many evils haunting the country.

V. Gopal,


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