One hopes that Narendra Modi’s visit to Bhutan, his first to a foreign nation after becoming Prime Minister, will go beyond symbolism (‘“Hydel projects central to our ties,’” June 15). Bhutan and India have traditionally shared strong and cordial ties, but China’s growing presence makes it incumbent upon the new government to forge a relationship that not just draws from a shared past but aims towards a mutually beneficial future. One hopes to see the new government actively engaging with our neighbours, especially as external affairs always have internal repercussions.

Manas Panda,

Sambalpur, Odisha

Bhutan has a long history of peace and prosperity, and its friendship with India has always been strong and cordial. It is a country with a rich cultural heritage. As the general tendency is for a new Prime Minister to visit a rich European country or the United States first, Mr. Modi’s decision to go to Bhutan deserves praise. This is a step towards improving ties with regional countries.

T. Anand Raj,


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