It appears Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is all set to become the lead campaigner for the BJP in the 2014 general elections. The groundswell of support for him in the party is becoming visible (March 2). Mr. Modi’s strengths are good governance, decisiveness, transparency, vision and a “son of the soil” image. He has succeeded in discounting his critics in the BJP with his popularity. The scene will now shift to the NDA where his acceptability as a leader will be tested. The response will decide his destiny.

Vijay Shivram Menon,


Aggressive social media campaigns have created a fabricated halo around Mr. Modi. Doling out tax concessions and cheap electricity can bring investments leading to inflated GDP numbers. But by no definition are they synonymous with development. At the national level, there are many issues like insurgency and demands for new States. His style of tackling issues will harm the peace and integrity of the nation in the long run. In a diverse nation, the operative word is “accommodate,” not “aggression.”

Priyank Jain,

New Delhi

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