This refers to the article “A sacrifice the BJP cannot afford” (April 18). As one of the largest national parties, the BJP should have real concern for the secular feelings of Indians. It should consult its allies before deciding on its prime ministerial candidate. Those who are in favour of Narendra Modi think only of development in Gujarat. Mr. Modi says he is more concerned about the nation than anything else. This is like a principal of a school or college saying he is more concerned about the development of his school or college than about students.

Mr. Modi’s failure to act during the Gujarat riots is a historical blunder. In India, religious harmony is more important than anything else. No development is possible in the absence of peace and harmony. Therefore, JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar’s demand that the BJP field a secular candidate should be welcomed.

M.A. Mohamed Sahul Hameed,


The chorus for Mr. Modi in some sections of the print and electronic media cuts no ice with the people . To the misfortune of the “aspirational class,” 2002 is not a buried past. Every time 1984 or 2002 resurfaces, it is frightening for the perpetrators of the riots. No one can appreciate this better than Mr. Modi and Jagdish Tytler.

Satya Veer Singh,


One thing the JD(U) and Mr. Kumar should understand is Mr. Modi’s pan-India popularity. The JD(U) has been critical of Mr. Modi ever since the demand for making him the PM candidate has grown. The recent elections in Gujarat have shown Muslims’ growing affection for Mr. Modi, which is the result of his inclusive politics. Manish Kulkarni,


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