The article, “A million missing patients” (March 24), on the fight against TB, was riveting, and reminded me of the time when three years ago, in engineering college, a batchmate was dying of TB. None of us engineers-in-the-making had any idea about TB, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. The article highlights the fact that lack of awareness about the disease is rampant even among the educated.

Shijoy Varughese,


Tuberculosis is not only preventable but also fully curable. Yet, people die of this disease because of the way people in general ignore the warning signs. The success of the fight against polio shows that a strong will along with hard work spells doom for any disease. Perhaps, political parties can think in terms of having health capsules on the sidelines of their electoral campaigning.

Balasubramaniam Pavani,


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