This refers to Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati’s claim that her caste-based rallies are aimed at uniting all sections and that it is religion-based outfits like the VHP, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal that should be banned (July 15). Caste-based parties exploit caste for their narrow political ends and foment hostility through incendiary speeches culminating in gruesome violence as witnessed recently in Tamil Nadu. If the pernicious trend continues, India will be drowned in caste conflicts.

S. Srivatsa,


Claiming that her rallies are intended to promote brotherhood, Ms Mayawati, like every other politician, has used the VHP, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal as the punching bag. Leaders like her divide the country for their selfish interests. The single-most divisive factor today is caste.

A. Jaikrishna,


The thinking politician that Ms Mayawati is, she has brought out the difference between caste-based organisations and religion-based outfits. The former stand for social justice, integration and harmony, whereas the latter promote hatred. Ms Mayawati has an unassailable case when she calls for a ban on the VHP, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal.

India is a country of castes and the Constitution recognises caste as an identity for socio-economic reasons. It is indeed strange that the Allahabad High Court has banned caste-based rallies .

G. David Milton,


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