No lessons seem to have been learnt post-Dantewada (March 12). It is evident that Operation “Green Hunt” is faltering and that merely pushing in more men and arms to tackle what is clearly an organised and motivated insurgency is destined to fail. Enough has been said about the sense of disgruntlement and the perceived lack of a redress mechanism among the local populace that aids and feeds the Naxalite movement. The brutality exhibited by naxals following such attacks is a blot on our conscience.

Navin Muralidharan,


Such attacks are bound to demoralise our paramilitary forces. The political class must honour their sacrifices by ensuring that a watertight counter-insurgency strategy is put in place, as the Ministry of Home Affairs says that prima facie there appeared to have been a violation of the standard operating procedure ahead of this incident.

Ketan Rautela,


This is a clear act aimed to destabilise the security apparatus in left-wing extremism affected Chhattisgarh. There can only be two possible solutions. The government should invite Maoists to the dialogue table, help LWE States reap the benefits of social, political and economic growth and take defensive and offensive action with the cooperation of Central and State forces. The choice should be based on security prospects rather than political factors.

Mahesh M. Bhakthan,

Adoor, Kerala

Red terror is exacerbated by three kinds of state failure. Abdication by the state and the absence of an effective civilian administration in several tribal areas. The state as a predator, as in many parts where the law and order machinery is considered a source of insecurity leading to more alienation and inviting greater repression in return. And, the state’s failure to be impartial in policing and politics. A solution to the problem can be based on the “Tripura model”, from a State that has almost overcome a three-decade long war by synergistically working with development and coming down hard on extremists.

Jashan Kang,



Maoists kill 15 in ChhattisgarhMarch 11, 2014

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