This refers to P. Sainath's article “The lurch of the Lemmings” (Jan. 28). The article reaches its apotheosis in the last sentence “the cliff runway is free and the Lemmings have been cleared for takeoff.” The accompanying cartoon too shows the bewilderment of the aam aadmi at the indifference, reluctance and seeming helplessness of our rulers in bringing back to India the crores of black money stashed away overseas. One hopes that both the article and the cartoon will be able to move even the callous hearts of our insensitive rulers.

M. Vathapureeswaran,


Jawaharlal Nehru said immediately after independence that he would like to hang black marketers by the nearest lamp post. Now we find that the government is not willing to even disclose the names of those having black money.

C. Amudhan,


P. Sainath's euphemistic phrases encapsulated with sarcasm allegorically represent our feelings towards a government which we once thought would help India soar. The policy of dealing with tax evaders who have illegally siphoned off crores of rupees into overseas tax havens reminds me of the “drain of wealth” during colonial rule. Ironically, it is the same party which once produced great nationalists that is now facing allegations of corruption.

Shambhu Soman,


The government seems to be doing everything it can, knowingly or unknowingly, that will lead it to eventual doom. Mr. Sainath has done a commendable job of collecting all the bits and pieces to present us the UPA's suicide pill. It still has time to act and save the situation.

Avaneesh Priy Srivastava,



The lurch of the LemmingsJanuary 28, 2011

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