The proposed move to increase the quota of subsidised cylinders from nine to 12 (“LPG cap hike may hit India’s ratings,” Jan. 19), as a result of Rahul Gandhi’s concern for the women of the country, is vastly misplaced. LPG cylinders are mainly consumed by people belonging to the middle and upper classes in urban areas, who comprise under 30 per cent of the total population, and for whom such subsidies are really not required.

If Mr. Rahul Gandhi is truly concerned about the fuel requirements of Indian women, he should pay more attention to the concerns of women in rural areas, for most of whom getting adequate and affordable fuel is always a huge challenge.

Sunita Prabhu,


The drama develops very well: Rahul Gandhi publicly requests (or demands) the Prime Minister to provide more LPG cylinders, stating that the women of India need them. Then comes Veerappa Moily’s announcement that the quota would be raised to 12. Call it ‘The Rahul Effect!’ Why does the Congress ignore the fact that the people are fed up of its game plan? Rahulji, please try something different now.

Anoop Varghese,



LPG cap hike may hit India's ratingsJanuary 19, 2014

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