It is amazing that Jamaica, a tiny country, has created history in the London Olympics. Usain Bolt has emerged a legendary runner by winning the gold in both 100 metres and 200 metres, and becoming the first man to hold world records in both. He is also the first man to win the 100 and 200 metre titles at consecutive Olympics. Jamaicans swept the 200 metre race; they won the gold and silver in 100 metres; gold and bronze in women’s 100 metres; and silver in 200. Jamaica has proved that it is the nation of the fastest human beings.

V.S. Ganeshan,


That many Indian sportspersons entered the quarterfinals in hitherto ignored events amid stiff competition is commendable. The credit goes to their own interest in the sport, given the lack of proper training, facilities, and practically no support from the government.

V.M. Govind Krishnan,


Given India’s huge population, is it not unfortunate that we have won just four Olympic medals? Look at how China has put in assiduous efforts and invested heavily in developing sports. But for Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, Vijay Kumar and Gagan Narang, India would have been put to shame.

M.V.L. Vivek,


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