The metaphor used by Gandhiji to describe India as a vast prison (“Incarceration as achievement,” Oct. 2) is relevant even today. While in jail, Bapu did not want to celebrate his birthday because people were starving to death across India. Those were the lofty ideals associated with the white garment and the Gandhi topi. One cringes to see the margins to which he has been pushed today.

Col. K.G. Ramesh Kumar (retd.), Palakkad

The Hindu has paid rich tributes to the Mahatma by publishing two articles on the occasion of his birth anniversary. The one on non-violence is apt for the present times. India, the birthplace of Gandhiji, sees violence in the name of religion, caste, etc. Gandhiji proved that non-violence was a powerful instrument even in the fight against the British. The restive younger generation should learn from the life and ideals of Gandhiji and realise that the world would be a better place to live in if violence is shunned.

A. Michael Dhanaraj, Coimbatore

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