Expert panels consisting of qualified technical personnel have clearly stated that all safety measures have been taken care of in the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. But the protesters are bent on closing down the plant in which the Centre has invested huge money. What is the guarantee they will agree to any further dialogue, especially when some of them have termed the Tamil Nadu government's Rs. 500-crore rehabilitation package for the region a bribe? It is impossible to satisfy all people at all times. In the circumstances, the views expressed in the editorial “The burden of power” (March 21) are unacceptable.

D. Shankarraman,


The Centre did its best by sending its expert committee to interact with the protesters in Kudankulam — to clear their doubts and allay their fears regarding the safety of the nuclear plant. The Tamil Nadu government, too, gave the green signal for commissioning the plant only after it received a favourable report on safety. But the protesters are hardly in a mood to listen. They have their own version regarding the safety of the plant, which is not based on scientific principles. Their only goal is to close down the plant. The State government has no alternative but to deploy force to prevent any untoward incident that may affect the plant.

C.A.C. Murugappan,


No doubt, electricity is extremely important for a nation's progress. But it should not be at the cost of the lives of thousands living in and around the area where the project is to be commissioned. Although safety measures are well in place, there is palpable fear in the minds of the locals, which should not be ignored. The Tamil Nadu government should initiate meaningful programmes involving the protesters and help them understand its perspective. Putting down legitimate protests with an iron hand will set a bad precedent and might lead to unrest.

S.A. Thameemul Ansari,


The approach of the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government towards the peaceful non-violent protesters of Kudankulam is intimidating. We need to rethink the project, especially when governments elsewhere are closing down their nuclear plants. The protesters are concerned about the safety of the country, people and nature. They cannot be painted as anti-nationals.

S. Vincent Anesthasiar,


The Tamil Nadu government has taken a wise decision by resolving to commission the Kudankulam plant soon. The Rs.500-crore package for development too is welcome. Projects like the nuclear plant are meant for the betterment of the whole country.

Virendra Kumar Singh,

New Delhi

Now that there is forward movement, let us hope the protesters will sit down and dispassionately analyse the issue, and extend their cooperation. It has been repeatedly clarified that the in-built safety features are sufficient to protect the surrounding environs in the event of any catastrophe.

M. Meenakshisundaram,


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