The diktats of khap panchayats play havoc with the lives of young girls — many have even taken their lives due to threats and humiliation. It is sad that governments at the Centre and the States are silent and allow the khaps to function even though their decrees are against the law and the will of society.

Curbing the fundamental rights of young women through diktats on what to wear, what to carry and with whom to speak is nothing less than torture in a condemned cell. It is time the governments came down heavily on khaps before they spread their tentacles across the country.

K.R. Srinivasan,


I do not understand what we, Indians, want. On the one hand, we want to become a modern society like the U.S. and the U.K. and, on the other, we tell girls what to do, what to wear and what not to wear. This is shameful. India is the largest democracy in which every citizen is supposed to have the right to equality. Really? Are men ever told how to dress?

Praveen Kumar Nag,

New Delhi

I am a former resident of Bangalore now living in England. I make regular trips to Bangalore. I have been following news of violence against women and suicides by young women. Parents should empower their daughters — stop treating them like second class citizens.

The entertainment industry has a lot to answer for. I watch television soaps in Hindi and Malayalam and the recurring theme is violence against women. This desensitises people who begin to feel that violence against women is a routine matter, not a shameful occurrence. India needs to update its moral and personal attitudes along with its IT and material skills.

Prema Taylor,


Salwar kameez has given way to sleeveless and leggings. It is not bad but look at the changing mindset. In earlier days, T-shirts were plain or with designs. These days they are scribbled all over. I have seen teenage girls wearing T-shirts with words like “you and me, just cool.” I think every girl has the right to look nice and clean but she should not provoke. Moral policing? So be it.

R. Ganesh,



Jeans, mobiles and khap panchayatsOctober 19, 2013

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