The 18 demands made by the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party, many of them preposterous, make one wonder if the Congress is seeking its support to form the government in Delhi, and not the other way round. The party can prove itself only by taking a chance and forming the government. Otherwise, it will lose its sheen. The media may be dancing over its success now, but it can be equally unforgiving if the party shies away from forming the government. The party must work for the long haul. One gets the impression that it does not have a plan or a strategy towards that end.

M. Balakrishnan, Bangalore

The AAP is being highly unrealistic in its demands. Their populist promises are impractical and difficult to implement. Let us urge them to form the government and see how they bring these programmes to fruition. The true colour of the party will come to light then.

Elangbam K.S., Shillong

The conditions laid down by Arvind Kejriwal as conditions for accepting support to form the government in Delhi are welcome but utopian, given the present situation in the country. All those who have voted for this newly-formed party know the limitations of the conditions.

A.J. Rangarajan, Chennai

The AAP should form the government and introduce the Jan Lokpal Bill immediately after being sworn in. If the Bill is passed, it would be a major service to the people since it would bring down corruption. Any dithering by the party would be suicidal and make it vulnerable to criticism. Such a good opportunity may not come again for the AAP. If some other party passes the Bill, it will detract from the AAP’s credibility. Even if the government falls after passing the Bill, the AAP will still have gathered force by the next election.

Vasudevan, Karnataka


Congress, BJP reject Kejriwal’s conditions December 14, 2013

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