Justice Markandey Katju deserves to be congratulated on his unbiased, authentic assessment and views on the projection of Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister. People have a right to know the qualities of the man who wants to govern India. Justice Katju’s warning that unless we follow the policy of secularism, our country cannot survive for even one day must be borne in mind. I wish the article “All the perfumes of Arabia” (Feb. 15) is translated in all Indian languages.

Abdul Razack,


I salute Justice Katju for his frank and bold views. His views may not be liked by many because truth is always bitter. But the truth will ultimately prevail. India continues to be a secular democracy because lakhs of silent Indians uphold justice and humaneness in the same way as Justice Katju does.

Shaik Khaleel Rahman,


The article will surely increase the aam aadmi’s awareness. What happened in Gujarat in 2002 was shocking. The living conditions of the common man are deteriorating by the day. We see development only on paper. As responsible citizens, we need to think rationally, not emotionally, on the issue of our future PM.

Lala Ram Choudhary,


Justice Katju seems to be following the trend set by television news channels and some sections of the print media. While he is entitled to his views on Mr. Modi, the former judge should remind himself that accusations and allegations do not make a person guilty. A court of law needs to pronounce him guilty.

S. Hariharan,


Justice Katju has ignored the verdict of the Gujarat electorate but is influenced by the opinion of the businessman who interacted with him. In a democracy, people are supreme and their verdict should be respected.

Let the Indian electorate determine Mr. Modi’s future. They are the best judges.

T. Ramaswamy,


Mr. Modi’s claims of development in Gujarat can be easily falsified as we look at the dismaying figures for human development. His speeches reflect his authoritarian nature. The increase in the number of Modi supporters is indeed surprising. Much of it is due to exaggerated publicity on the Internet. The 2014 election will surely be a challenge to Indian citizens, given the tough choice between a corrupt UPA and a communal BJP.

Shiksha Singh,


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