Angelina Jolie’s article on double mastectomy (“My medical choice,” May 15) was brilliant. The Hollywood glamour girl’s grit and determination are laudable. Her noble intention to share her personal experience with others is commendable.

The regional press should translate and publish the article in all languages so that the message reaches every corner of India.

J. Massillamoney,


It needs greater courage for a person of Ms Jolie’s stature to reveal her personal affairs. She has been transformed from a reel-life heroine into a real-life heroine.

G. Arunkumar,


To say I salute Angelina Jolie would be an understatement. For someone who is worshipped as the ultimate symbol of women’s sexuality, her decision to go ahead with the double mastectomy and to be open about it to raise awareness of breast cancer needs guts. Hopefully, and surely, many women, including myself, can draw strength from her decision in times of need.

Sameera Sam,


It is unlikely Ms Jolie will find followers to undergo the “brave act” of double mastectomy as a precaution. Mastectomy is not vaccination. The actress appears to have become paranoid following her mother’s death and her doctor’s estimate that she had an 87 per cent risk of breast cancer.

Hari Arayammakul


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