The DMK’s decision to join the bandh called by the Opposition on September 20 to protest the UPA government’s decision to allow retail in FDI, increase the price of diesel and limit the number of LPG cylinders is surprising and ironical. On the one hand, it is supporting the UPA at the Centre and, on the other, the Opposition bandh. If it really cares for the common man, it should have withdrawn its support.

S. Srinivasan,


People, especially the middle class, the salaried class and pensioners, have been reeling under the impact of the rise in the price of milk, bus fare, electricity and other day-to-day essentials. The DMK chief, who remained silent all these days, seems to have found the right time to strike.

It is to be seen whether the TMC will actually quit the UPA government and, if it does, whether the Congress will get the support of fence-sitters to fill the gap in the numbers.

Capt. N. Viswanathan,


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