The article “Smash-and-grab crony league” (May 25) by Ramachandra Guha is far too critical in its approach. Cricket players should no doubt play for their country first. But what is wrong in their playing for a league if people love watching the Indian Premier League more than they do Test matches? How many among us “faithful” care to watch a whole Test match (ball by ball)? The game has to change with a change in spectator taste. The IPL is just entertainment, not a war among nations!

Ashish Gambhir,


Some readers have criticised Mr. Guha's observations (Letters, May 26). They are missing the wood for the trees. Aesthetics is a matter of taste and the author quickly moved beyond that point. The discussions revolved round how the Twenty20 form of cricket, particularly under the brand name IPL, is organised, promoted and managed and how it is in conflict with good governance.

That successful entertainment must be good for society cannot be an argument. Some of the charges ranging from money laundering, foreign exchange violation, to abuse of fiscal incentives and other concessions are serious.

N.K. Raveendran,


No nation suggests investment or, for that matter, invests in sports to tide over its economic ills. But in India, crores of rupees are rolling in the cricketing industry, benefiting a few. Scarce resource like electricity is diverted for the conduct of the game at no cost or at subsidised rates, while there are other areas which require power and which are more essential and conducive to growth. No right-thinking person will feel privileged or elated simply because he or she is in a gathering in which Nita Amabanis and Shah Rukh Khans are present.

K.C. Minnieamma,


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