This refers to the article “How Tripura overcame insurgency” (Sept. 19). Essentially Tripura's problem of insurgency was different from that of the other North-Eastern States — Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam. While the minority tribal community took up arms for their basic rights and inclusion in development processes in Tripura, in the latter, it was mainly from the majority community. Notwithstanding this basic difference, insurgents have similar strategies and common secessionist goals, the major driving force being poverty, a lack of development and stepmotherly treatment from the “mainland.” The article offers many strategies that can be replicated. Are the governments of Nagaland and Manipur listening?

Mohammad Imtiyaj Khan, Mysore.

All insurgencies have their roots in the socio-economic conditions of the masses. People tend to stray from the path of peace when they see that only non-violence can satisfy their needs. Developmental activities are a must, for which a strong political will and proper strategy are quintessential. Finally, the masses should have faith in the government.

Sachin Gupta, Gurgaon.


How Tripura overcame insurgencySeptember 19, 2011

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