Although it is time to scrap the constitutional provision of nominating two Anglo-Indians to the Lok Sabha and one member of the community to the Vidhan Sabha (“An Anglo-Indian insurance policy,” May 31), the government does not seem to have the political will to do so. Except for the Privy Purses which was abolished in 1971, no special privilege extended to any section of society has been done away with in the six decades after Independence.

The alternative is to introduce reserved constituencies (which can be rotated) for Anglo-Indians in the States where they have a presence, similar to those for the SCs and the STs.

E.A. Ibrahim,


The interests of the Anglo-Indians should be represented adequately by the Centre and the States. This will prove that we care for them, however minuscule their numbers are today. As long as they are citizens of our country, we must care for them and protect them against isolation.

Ashok Jayaram,


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