Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s remark that a deposit of Rs 600 under the direct cash transfer scheme can meet the monthly requirements of a family of five is obnoxious. The remark is bound to make the Congress uncomfortable, because it hopes to convert the scheme, which it is promoting with the slogan aapka paisa aapke haath (your money in your hands), into votes. Ms Dikshit needs to be educated to understand which way the country lopes. The Chief Minister’s comment is insensitive and indeed a cruel joke on the poor.

K.A. Solaman,


Ms Dikshit’s remark exposes her lack of knowledge about the commodities’ market. Rs. 4 will not fetch even a cup of coffee for a person today. People at the helm should think twice before making a statement on important issues.

H.P. Murali,


The Congress has always claimed that it works for the welfare of the common masses. Since Congressmen rub shoulders with millionaires and billionaires in Parliament, they perhaps mistake them for common people.

Wake up, leaders. The common man is on the streets, wondering when the government will hike the fuel price again and surrender what remains of our national wealth to foreign investors.

T. Anand Raj,


I think Ms Dikshit failed to realise two things — that she was talking about Rs 600, not $600 and this is not the 1950s. Someone should tell her that the price of 1kg of wheat flour is Rs.20, an egg Rs.5, a kg of onion Rs.35, and the prices of sugar and milk are on the rise. One wonders when politicians will stop playing with the emotions of the aam aadmi.

Nikhil Nandan,

New Delhi

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