This refers to the news report “Arab countries reduced to ‘marionettes’” by Vijay Prashad (Sept. 10). I feel dismayed and totally regret that a responsible newspaper like The Hindu could carry such a news headline, using the term ‘marionettes’ attributed to an anonymous Arab intellectual. It is an inappropriate and politically insensitive comment.

Let me add that Egypt has, from day one, expressed its position on the Syrian crisis — it was carried by The Hindu itself that we are against the use of chemical weapons and whoever makes use of them should be punished through the United Nations Security Council. Egypt reiterated its position that it is against the use of force in settling conflicts and that a peaceful political solution is the only way to bring the Syrian crisis to an end.

Khaled El Bakly,

Ambassador of Egypt,

New Delhi


Arab countries reduced to ‘marionettes’ September 10, 2013

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