I am quite impressed with the thought-provoking article “In praise of walking” (April 23). It won’t be out of place to also add that one of the greatest walks by mankind was from Africa, some 1,50,000 years ago, and which took 6,000 to 6,500 generations to cover the four corners of the Earth. Human civilisation spread only on account of walking.

K.V.S. Krishna,


Our elders had no choice but to walk for miles as there were inadequate transport facilities then. Walking was a part of their life with abundant health benefits — good health and a peaceful life. In today’s world, there may be food but there is no healthy appetite, and comforts but not true and real peace and happiness.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,


Having made a commitment to myself to walk at least five kilometres a day (mainly to save my muscles from atrophying), I am compelled to endorse the numerous benefits detailed by the writer — both physical and cerebral — that I have availed myself of ever since I began my crusade. More than anything else, I have found that walking alone has made me much more self-aware as an individual/citizen/unit of society. I am reminded of Oscar Wilde who said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

Walking, in essence, is living.

Rohith Desikan,


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