Communal violence has once again raised its ugly head in Hyderabad. With the Saturday incident coming close on the heels of the Telangana agitation, the people of the city have had virtually no respite from violence. It is the common citizens who are the most affected with disturbances in their routine life. Hopefully, the police and the RAF will be able to bring the situation under control at the earliest.

P.V. Chaitanya Varma,


The communal violence in Hyderabad is the result of political cynicism. The no-nonsense city police do deserve a word of appreciation. They should spare no effort to restore law and order so that the petrified public's faith in them remains intact.

Saritha Chilakamarri,


Old city has been a hub of communal violence. The latest round started over an ordinary issue and assumed a religious and political character. Everyone responsible for heightening the tensions, irrespective of the religion and party they belong to, should be arrested to avoid such incidents in future.

Venu Madhav Thaduri,


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