Terrorism is increasingly becoming a global menace with religious zealots gaining power in countries where democracy and administrative institutions are substantially weak (Editorial, May 12). Religious groups are misleading citizens too, taking advantage of poverty and a lack of education. The atrocities in Nigeria deserve strong condemnation and global powers must protect the people there.

Cicily Thomas,

Muvattupuzha, Kerala

Religious overtones are only giving legitimacy to a terrorist organisation that has only malice at its core. Neither Christianity nor Islam advocate the kidnapping of young girls. It is only when the shroud of religion is snatched away from these abominations that the state and public institutions can take viable measures to end their reign of terror.

Harikrishnan D.,


The abduction of more than 200 girls from their school in northeastern Nigeria is a stunning example of the use of gender violence as a tool of terror. How can the world allow such a form of terror to occur with impunity? It is imperative that the Nigerian government and the international community put an end to such horrific rights abuses. The incident is also a reminder that women are always a soft target, bearing a disproportionate burden of any conflict regardless of its nature.

Divya Saurabh,

Kamalganj, U.P.

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