The Congress and all other political parties, with the exception of the Samajwadi Party, came together in the Rajya Sabha on Monday to create history. By passing the Bill that provides for quotas for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes in promotion in government jobs, they proved that they could rise above narrow differences for a cause. Those who oppose the promotion Bill should understand that the Dalits and other oppressed sections face discrimination in all fields across the country.

P. Haridas,


Reservation in promotion is the need of the hour. It will make the bureaucracy, especially higher bureaucracy, more representative. Our policies will be more universal and economic growth more inclusive. In the long-term, the move will help build an egalitarian society where there is no need for reservation.

The amendment should include some objective criteria for promotion to ensure that merit is not compromised. Hard work also should be taken into account while giving promotions.

Anil Mittal,


Once a person gets the benefit of reservation and lands a job in the government, he should not be allowed to enjoy another benefit in the same area. By allowing the SCs and the STs to avail themselves of the benefits twice in the same field, the government will defeat the scope and objective of the reservation policy. The right to equality will lose its meaning for the unreserved categories.

G.S. Mani,

New Delhi

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