It is not only South Africa but the whole world that has lost its greatest son. What a life Nelson Mandela led and what a great contribution he made to world peace and the universal struggle against injustice! He has left behind a treasure of human values from which our entire mankind can learn lessons and use.

S. Ram,


Nelson Mandela is no more! Mankind has lost a great soul. The man who inspired millions of people has left the world. The South African leader was synonymous with freedom and human values.

Every student, teacher and politician I met during my five-year stay in the African continent admired Madiba and said great things about him. If only the world had a handful of politicians like Nelson Mandela, it would have been different and a better place to live in.

I am reminded of South African singer Brenda “Mabrr” Fassie’s song which she sang on his release: “.... Now, in 1990, The people’s president came out from jail, Raised up his hand and said ‘Viva, viva, my people,’ He walked the long road, Back, back to freedom, Back, back to freedom, Freedom for our president ... Let us sing, let us dance, For Madiba, Madiba’s freedom.”




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