It is horrifying that Imran Masood, a Member of Parliament, should use such harsh language against his political rival, a prime ministerial candidate (“Congress candidate arrested for hate speech against Modi,” March 30). More deplorable is the attitude of the Congress which tried to justify the incident by stating that the matter was six months old and that Mr. Masood was with the Samajwadi Party then. What kind of message does Rahul Gandhi want to convey by condemning Mr. Masood on the one hand and then sharing a dais with his wife on the other hand?

K. Manasa Sanvi,


No citizen, irrespective of the religion he or she belongs to or the political party he or she admires, will appreciate the language used by Imran Masood, the Congress candidate from Saharanpur, against Narendra Modi. While the Election Commission is doing its best to spread awareness among people of the importance of greater participation in the election, incidents like this will make citizens averse to voting and reduce their confidence in the political system itself.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,

Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh

It is time the Congress leadership pondered over the possibility of fielding another suitable candidate to contest from Saharanpur by annulling the candidacy of Imran Masood. Else even Congress supporters may either abstain from voting or vote for a candidate from another party. Political parties of all hues should keep a distance from those who make such unacceptable statements.

H.P. Murali,


While there are discussions on whether the Bharatiya Janata Party is polarising people, here is a fine example of a candidate from the Congress invoking communal hatred to maintain his supposed vote bank. I hope his candidature is cancelled by the Congress in order to send out a strong message against hate speech.

Sweety Gupta,

New Delhi

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