The bomb blast in Peshawar that killed over a hundred people is a warning to not only Pakistan but also India. For Islamabad, which used terror as a weapon to destabilise India, it is payback time. The spate of terrorist attacks poses a challenge to the whole world. There can be no second opinion that terrorism should be eliminated. It is time all countries united to fight against terrorism.

G. Rajesh Gopal,



It is time Pakistan cracked down on terrorists operating from its soil. That the Peshawar blasts-type incidents are taking place there with alarming frequency points to the government’s inability to rein in terrorism. The cowardly behaviour of the terrorists is condemnable. They should be eliminated. If Pakistan is unable to act against terror, the international community should get involved. It is not Pakistan alone that is vulnerable to the terror unleashed by the Taliban and other terror outfits operating from its soil; all countries are.

D. Muralikrishna,



After looking at the picture of the blasts in The Hindu, the only thought that crossed my mind was: whither humanity? What is the fault of innocent people who fall victim to terrorism? The killing of innocent people, belonging to India, Afghanistan or Pakistan, is highly condemnable.

Ankit Kumar,



Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s offer of talks with Pakistan is unlikely to find a positive response. The Pakistani establishment is in a mood to accuse India of funding the Taliban. The Taliban is bleeding Pakistan almost every day and this is certainly not the time for peace talks. We must wait and watch how Pakistan counters the Taliban within its territory and across its borders.

K.R. Anandagopalan,



A country like Pakistan will not respect or heed any of our requests. Only drastic action and bold decisions will yield the desired result of ending cross-border terror.

Nellai Thirumalairajan,



It is clear that Islamabad’s war on terror is not working. When it takes two steps forward to rein in the terrorists, they retaliate devastatingly forcing the authorities to retrace their steps. The end is nowhere in sight and certainly the thought of terror crossing the borders is frightening.

Motupalli S. Prasad,


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