I agree with Manoj Joshi’s argument that States should be consulted on external affairs that affect them (April 8), as long as it remains an ideology and a theory. Consulting every State in any and all matters of foreign policy will be counterproductive because the affected State will be represented by the political parties there. And these parties can’t act without political calculations.

A State committee on international affairs can be the answer. Every State should have a permanent committee with members independent of political affiliations. This committee should represent the State at the time of a policy formulation that directly or indirectly affects the State.

Ajeet Tiwari,


A federal foreign policy committee, which takes into consideration the interests of the nation as well as the State concerned, should be formed. Consulting the States which have many political parties in all matters of international policies relating to countries with which they share a boundary will be fishing in troubled waters. Political expediency will prevail upon rationality.

Himanshu Tandon,

New Delhi

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