The stabbing of a teacher by a student in Chennai has exposed our faulty, mark-oriented education system, which is causing tremendous stress to not only students but also teachers. We hardly see children playing on the streets these days. They are more attached to computers and mobile phones. Parents indulge their children and buy them anything they ask for.

Teachers in schools also have lesser freedom to control children's behaviour. Values are taught neither in school nor at home as both teachers and parents concentrate more on marks. The child is thus spoilt by all.

Uma Rajendran,


Whenever a tragedy such as the stabbing incident strikes, heated discussions follow. Soon, the incident is forgotten. Teachers suffer on account of not only rogue students but also the law-enforcement agency. What if, instead of the teacher being stabbed, the student had committed suicide because of the remarks made by her? She would have been arrested. Is it not a teacher's responsibility to record faithfully the progress of a student, regardless of whether or not it is pleasant?

D.V. Raghavan,


It is quite shocking and disheartening to see the increasing number of violent and criminal acts among adolescents. There was a time when bloodshed was not permitted to be shown in films. Isn't it possible for us to go back in time for a good cause?

As parents and teachers, we have challenging and difficult times ahead. The media, too, should avoid making heroes out of criminals.

Shanthi Simon Geo,


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