The article “The past & present of Indian environmentalism” (March 27) was timely. But I disagree with some views. While political apathy and corruption are certainly major reasons for the present state of affairs, blaming it entirely on them is not fair. What is the level of awareness and popular support for environmental conservation in our country?

Are we really bothered about our environment? Do we think twice before polluting our rivers with industrial and other waste? It is due to lack of popular support and awareness that our environment is deteriorating fast.

P.J.S. Sudhakar Naik,


The environmental movement itself needs to learn a few lessons before the birth of “a new Chipko movement,” which is “waiting to be born.” Unlike in the West, the environmental movements in India are centred around individuals, rather than being driven by membership based organisations. The combined membership of all environmental organisations will not exceed even a few thousands. That may be the reason Indian environmentalism has produced more “famous” people, with very little progress on the ground.

Biksham Gujja,


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