The latest to join issue in the L.K. Advani-Jaswant Singh spat is the former National Security Adviser, Brajesh Mishra. He claims that Mr. Advani was very much part of the CCS that decided to send Mr. Singh to Kandahar in 1999 with three terrorists to secure the release of the hostages aboard the hijacked Indian Airlines plane.

While refuting Mr. Advani’s claim that he was not aware of the NDA government’s decision to send Mr. Singh, Mr. Mishra’s assertion has further deepened the crisis in the BJP. The party with a difference is a shambles.

R.J. Khurana, Bhopal

There seems to be no end to the BJP’s troubles. It is time for the party to review its policies and see what it can do for the people to regain their confidence. It needs a leader who can pump fresh oxygen into the party and motivate its workers and supporters. It has the opportunity to corner the UPA government on issues such as farmers’ suicide and price rise. It should not let go of the chance.

D. Kishan Prasad Rao, Karimnagar

No political party can survive if it does not foster the basic values of acceptability, adaptability and discipline. When senior politicians say something, it not only affects their future but also paves the way for political instability. The BJP should understand that it cannot afford to fall apart. A single big party is dangerous in a democracy.

R. Srinivasan, Chennai

Jaswant Singh unnecessarily started a controversy, dragging almost all BJP leaders into it. The media, too, are giving undue publicity to him while there are many important issues which need attention. Nothing will be achieved by digging up a decade-old incident.

K. Bhaskara Rao, Nizampet

I do not understand why Jinnah and Partition are suddenly being talked about. I am sure Partition has saved India from disintegration. The Congress should desist from making Kandahar an issue. The lives of 160 passengers were at stake.

A. Mrinalini, Hyderabad

The Kandahar ghost has emerged from the closet to haunt Mr. Advani. I guess we can soon expect some of his disgruntled colleagues to bring out of the cupboard the skeleton of Babri Masjid demolition too.

Christopher Antony, Mumbai

Kandahar was a crisis situation and demanded a speedy response. In retrospect, not all decisions taken at that point may seem ideal. In fact, some decisions can go terribly wrong. An elected government is entitled to take a decision at such times, irrespective of the outcome. Criticising them in hindsight is unfair. Similarly, making false statements to avoid criticism is nothing but the manifestation of a lack of moral courage. It is time our politicians stopped scoring political points, taking advantage of crisis situations. The media have a major role in putting across the correct position to the people so that they are not misled by motivated propaganda.

Brig. V. Mahalingam (retd.), Noida

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