This refers to the incident in Delhi where a Manipuri teenager was assaulted by her landlord’s son (Feb. 9). New Delhi only appears to be reasserting its credentials as the rape capital of the country. It is strange that while a spate of such incidents elicits customary protests outside police stations followed by near-riot situations on the streets, it never prompts the authorities to show alacrity that could lead to the early arrest and conviction of the culprit(s). The speed with which society woke up after the Nirbhaya case, followed by legal measures that were taken to their logical conclusion, offered a glimpse of a justice system in the country that promised to give women a fair hearing while assuring them the dignity and protection that are their birthrights. The law and order machinery does need to be revamped in Delhi. It is a certain loss of faith in the police machinery that fuels public outrage. It is also a matter of consternation that our police refuse to swing into action unless goaded by citizens demanding justice.

Pachu Menon,


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