At last, the verdict is out in the Mumbai terror attack case. The government should act on it immediately rather than projecting Ajmal Amir Kasab before the international community because the terror plot was hatched by the masterminds sitting on the other side of the border and proxies were deputed to execute the act. A special word of praise for the media and the public prosecutor for understanding the sensitivities of the case. The judgment brings victory to the sacrifice of the brave men who contributed to saving lives with valour in Mumbai's hours of sorrow.

Syed Khaja,

New Delhi

The investigation team needs to be commended for its untiring efforts at piecing together the evidence and preparing the charge-sheet. The judge, however, came down on the police for the shoddy investigation into the charges against the two Indians who were acquitted. Will Pakistan introspect on India's concerns on terrorism at least now?

C.M. Umanath,


Many questions still beg answers vis-à-vis the verdict. As Kasab was caught red-handed, there was never any doubt about his involvement. But is it possible for one foreign national to single-handedly create such havoc without any help, particularly from the locals? The idea should not just be to punish the guilty but to unearth the larger conspiracy, if any.

Prem Kumar Gutty,


How remarkably a nation and its government chose to leave aside their anger and revulsion over the mindless slaughter of innocent people and opted, instead, to provide an opportunity to the captured terrorist to defend himself! The people expect the government to expedite the post-verdict process. The conclusion of the trial should not be an occasion to celebrate. Let us honour the victims and commiserate with their kith and kin.

V.N. Mukundarajan,


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