This refers to the editorial “A stand-alone victory” (May 9). Although the anti-incumbency factor is very powerful in voting governments out, what it has done in election after election, in State after State, is to pass the baton of power from one corrupt party to another in turns. That is why, even after six decades of Independence, most of our States still lack the basic infrastructure. Until alternative political parties based on ideologies of clean governance and accountability emerge on the scene, elections will only continue to be futile democratic exercises and political tamashas.

N.A. Mansoor Ali,


The outcome of the Karnataka Assembly election was on expected lines. The Congress won not because people endorsed its policies but because they were fed up with the breakdown of administration. Significantly, Yeddyurappa’s KJP in Karnataka is akin to Chiranjeevi’s erstwhile PRP in Andhra Pradesh. Both expected to win substantially so that they could form the government or, at least, play the kingmaker but voters thought otherwise. They damaged the prospects of the BJP and the TDP and helped the Congress win.

Bhanamma Aravinda Bai,


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