Congratulations to The Hindu on launching the Tamil edition. It was overdue. Old timers like my father used to wonder way, when other English newspapers had a Tamil edition, The Hindu did not launch one. The Tamil edition should serve as a beginning for launching other language editions of the newspaper.

A.V. Narayanan,


It is commonly believed that the regional media lacks objectivity and credibility in reporting, and is inadequate in its coverage of national and international news. I am sure The Hindu-Tamil will fill this vacuum and set new standards. By talking in people’s language, India’s national newspaper has become national in more ways than one.

Satyanarayana Polisetty,


As a reader of The Hindu for over six decades, I extend my heartiest congratulations to the newspaper on launching the Tamil edition. However, I feel the name of the Tamil newspaper could have been different. I agree “Hindu” is common to all languages. But prefixing the English word “The” to the Tamil edition is not very elegant. It could have been just “Hindu” or “Tamizhil Hindu.”

M.R. Srinivasan,


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