Commercials on television channels are repetitive and a burden on the viewers (“Never-ending commercial breaks,” April 5). The same advertisements appear in almost all channels.

I skip some programmes, irrespective of their value, because of the long spells of breaks. Time is valuable for all. TV channels should appreciate that although commercials support them, it is the viewership that brings commercial value for a channel.

A. Subbalakshmi,


The article was a good effort at explaining the TRAI regulation limiting the duration of advertisements on TV. All of us are bored of long advertisements, which decrease our interest and increase our frustration. But we viewers are helpless. The regulation, if enforced strictly, will be a great relief to us.

Vishiwjeet Singh,


Advertisements are a major source of income for TV channels. But it is also important to protect the right of consumers to quality viewership.

K.N. Venkatraman,


Amid the flood of advertisements, one forgets what programme one was watching. Viewers should not be forced to watch advertisements. It is important to put the brakes on the never-ending commercial breaks if the experience of viewing is not to be compromised.

Sameer Kr. Jasra,


TRAI should remove the 10+2 regulation because I find the advertisements more informative and logical than the programmes TV channels air.

Akshay Dhadda,



Never-ending commercial breaks April 5, 2013

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