The complaint that was reported to have been lodged with the National Commission for Women by Uttar Pradesh-based IPS officer Amitabh Thakur (“Complaint lodged with NCW against Jethmalani,” Sept. 18) is wholly false. I made no statement of the kind attributed to me [by the complainant].

After the hearing in court, I was besieged by the press but I refused to make any statement.

While reading the Police Remand Application of Sept. 2, I pointed out what it said in the report about the result of the investigation. “Biodata presence with regard to educational activities and documents with regard to disease of victim ...” I asked the court to direct the police to disclose the material they may have collected about the disease.

In the bail application of the accused, one of the grounds was: “That the girl who is mentally disturbed invented this lie to get out of the life at the Chindwada Ashram. The petitioner is convinced that in this design the girl has been helped by someone else and the petitioner is making inquiries about it. The petitioner does not pretend that he has discovered the final truth.”

I did submit before the court that medical books record that in some disorders, girls/women have made false accusations of rape — a disease called fantasy.

Ram Jethmalani,

New Delhi

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