The editorial “Let good sense prevail” (March 20) rightly points to the pros and cons of the case involving the Norwegian government's decision to place the children of an Indian couple in permanent foster care. The new twist in the tale — the feud between the Bhattacharyas coming into the open — is surprising. It also shows Mr. Bhattacharya in a poor light. Why was he silent all these days? Why has he exposed the feud just days before the court is to hear the case on the children's custody? Blaming the wife will not make him a saint, as parenting is the responsibility of both parents. Evidently, he has not performed his role well. This is nothing but a classic case of male chauvinistic behaviour by one who does not want to share the negative aspect of marital life.

Maya Bhatkar


It was pretty upsetting to read about the row between the Bhattacharyas. Such a dispute will only worsen their case. One wonders whether the Norway government was ever wrong in taking the children under its custody. Are we to continue blaming Norway (citing our cultural and traditional reasons), or drop the fight is a question that now needs to be pondered upon.

Anupama Prakash,


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