Siddharth Varadarajan has rightly called for the need to get down to business (Feb. 19) in his article on crony capitalism, governance and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's interaction with the media. Yes, now is the time to show the nation that the UPA government means business and no one — highly-placed bureaucrats, corporate elites, Ministers at the State or in the Centre — will be spared if found guilty by courts.

Dr. Singh should silence all those who call him weak and save the country from the ignominy it is now facing.

K. Nehru Patnaik,


Although Dr. Singh came in for criticism for his delayed reaction to scams, the arrest of the former Telecom Minister, A. Raja, in connection with the spectrum scam, the questioning of Anil Ambani, and the agility with which the CBI is acting in corruption cases show that he is all for transparent investigation. By not covering up for his coalition partners, he has only enhanced his government's credibility.

Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh,


If Dr. Singh is indeed a leader of unquestionable integrity, there should have been some respite in the UPA's corruption regime. But what we have seen is a series of unprecedented instances of corporate and political robberies under UPA II.

Everyone says there can be no doubting Dr. Singh's integrity. But why was he pulled up by the Supreme Court for his silence and inactivity in the 2G spectrum scam? What about the CVC controversy? In the name of coalition compulsions, he has totally neglected the supervision of his Ministers.

S. Prakash,


The Supreme Court should be commended for ordering the CBI to take action against the suspected culprits, even if they belonged to the Forbes' list of billionaires. Without such direction, it is unimaginable that the Prime Minister, who compares the loot in the 2G scam with the food subsidies to the poor, would have taken such stern steps. How could he evade responsibility by blaming the compulsions of coalition politics, when he did not bat an eyelid while sacrificing the Left's support to UPA-I to push through the India-U.S. nuclear deal? Does not his reasoning appear hypocritical?

Kasim Sait,


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