The article “Humanising the Border Security Force” (March 8) drives home the point that all good actions of a force can get nullified with one wrong move.

Forces operating in Jammu and Kashmir must be more sensitive to human rights. At the same time, we cannot tie the hands of the security forces and ask them to fight terrorism.

G. Kalyanasundaram,


True, the death of a 16-year-old Kashmiri youth due to the irresponsible action of Commandant R.K. Birdi of the BSF, who allegedly ordered the shooting of the boy, is unfortunate and condemnable. The law is taking care of it. Such incidents are rare in the BSF's history. Whereas such incidents involving the police are more frequent.

The BSF is an excellent force. Tears rolled down my eyes when I saw a documentary on it years ago at the Tekanpur Academy.

D.M. Rao,


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