The article, “Brutalised migrants of western Odisha” (Jan. 3), highlighted the fact that rural people continue to be beholden to a life of slavery in spite of a plethora of livelihood assurance schemes. Such persons lose their freedom, every human being’s fundamental right. The brutal incident perpetrated on the migrants in question must act as a wake-up call for the government. It must realise how poor its support is for the downtrodden. These persons, lacking belief in the government’s schemes and unable to envisage the possibility of pursuing other employment options, have become dependent on people who are given to gruesome behaviour.

Pallavi Balla,


The shocking incident in Odisha throws up serious concerns regarding our current growth model. Our so-called welfare state should ensure that development is holistic and include stakeholders from every section and region of our country.

Rambabu Singh,


People tend to migrate due to lack of choice. Even if the government provides them an alternative, they are prevented by their masters from pursuing it. It has been 65 years of Independence and the mafias still control the people and governments.

Gowsikkumar Tamilarasu,

New Delhi

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