This is with reference to the report “Rahul harps on ‘Brand Telangana,’” (April 26). The ‘Made in India’ tag is one that is proudly worn by products of all kinds manufactured in our country. We’ve seen ‘Made in China,’ ‘Made in Germany,’ but never ‘Made in Dortmund’ or ‘Made in Beijing.’ This ‘Made in India’ tag is a symbol of the nation. The sort of division that Mr. Gandhi seems to envision will only serve to deepen the divides in this already fractured nation. A troubling picture in which people are fighting about how ‘Made in Maharashtra’ is better than ‘Made in Karnataka’ forms in my mind. Symbols and words are very important and political leaders ought to choose their words carefully.

Satya Mohan Chaturvedula,

Brodiepet, Guntur

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