There is absolutely no mention of any major Hindutva agenda in the BJP’s manifesto except for the construction of the Ram temple and the implementation of a uniform civil code (“BJP stresses good governance,” April 8). The manifesto reiterates that the interests of all stakeholders will be taken into account in such major decisions. It is absolutely clear on spelling out measures to uplift the minorities and emphasises the importance of the 5‘T’s. The manifesto is sure to disappoint the so-called secular parties and also the media which are determined to tarnish the BJP and its image.

K. Sivasubramanian,


It seems that the BJP has embraced the need for development and modernisation but is unwilling to let go of its Hindutva agenda. Issues like the Ram temple or promises like “India shall remain a natural home for all persecuted Hindus” are testimony to its communalism. The fact that such agendas are present in the election manifesto of a party which hopes to form a government in this secular nation is itself an aberration. Even on Article 370, a ban on cow slaughter and a uniform civil code, the writing on the wall is clear.

Bipin Thaivalappil,


The BJP manifesto talks of developing 100 new cities enabled with technology and infrastructure but is silent on the villages. Primary education and primary health centres have been neglected by all governments. What sort of good governance is this?

N.D. Sharma,


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