It is unfortunate that the principal Opposition party has lost faith in democratic procedures and has chosen to stall the functioning of Parliament, demanding nothing less than the Prime Minister’s resignation over the coal blocks allocation issue. Such behaviour — seeking the removal of the head of the government by undemocratic methods — will set a bad precedent.

The Speaker should consider adjourning the House till the issue is settled among all parties. People can be spared the daily drama. Further wastage of public money can be avoided.

G. Kannapiran,


Ever since the CAG submitted its report on the coal blocks allocation, the BJP has remained adamant on the Prime Minister’s resignation. This stand has seen several days of Parliament, which could have offered scope for some meaningful discussion, go waste. One hopes the Opposition will settle for a more reasonable demand of cancellation of the coal block allotments.

Vivek Bhattacharyya,

New Delhi

Instead of imposing conditions, the BJP should allow a meaningful debate that could bring out newer aspects of the coal block allocation so that a decision could be taken by Parliament. The sooner this is done the better as Parliament has remained paralysed for over a week now.

D.B.N. Murthy,


The BJP’s demand that the Prime Minister resign is unfair. As the major Opposition party, it has the right to bring the issue to Parliament and keep it in focus. But Parliament has other functions to perform too. Disrupting it is not justified. As for the BJP’s argument that Dr. Singh should resign because he was heading the Coal Ministry at the time of the coal blocks allocation, a former Minister of Gujarat has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for her involvement in a heinous crime in 2002. At that time, Narendra Modi was Chief Minister. Why doesn’t the BJP ask him to resign?

Sreekumar Venkulam,


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